Spice Up Summer with Easy Grilled Fish Recipes!

Did I tell you about the kind of weather we have been having recently?

Yes, it’s gorgeous.

It’s sunny, it’s warm, it’s pleasant and there is always something to do on weekends and even on week nights. Since the days are longer, we will be still up and about taking our walks after supper or having fun at the park.

 If we don’t feel too outdoorsy, Kevin and Krista could still have their ‘summer fun fix’ by playing their hearts out on the swing set in our back yard. Hmm…Bliss!

Oh, and the Grilling and Barbecue! How can I forget that Summer is also the time for them? We already had quite a bit of barbecues since the weather got nicer way back in May. Every time, my husband lifts the cover off of our barbecue and set the stage for ‘one of a kind patio barbecue experience’, I feel a certain sense of freedom and I am sure our barbecue gets it too. To be freed from the glum dark veil of barbecue cover is not something to be lightly taken, you know?

Just the other day, I was in a mood for fish.  If you are looking for easy grilled fish recipes, stay tuned!

Easy Grilled Fish Recipes

I rummaged through our freezer and stumbled on the perfect candidate of a fish- raw Basa fillets- very meaty and juicy, and looked very inviting to be marinated in all my special house spices. The fillets come in regular sizes, 3 in a package, about 1 lb each. I took two packages from the freezer and gave it some time to thaw. May be like five hours later, I got impatient and drenched them in ice cold water so that they could fast forward their thawing business.

Once my fillets were ready, I washed them clean and set aside.

 Then, I opened my very own Indian Cupboard which was filled with all sorts of spices- imported from India on separate occasions by friends and families. The aura is so welcoming that I almost thought that I am opening the pantry in our kitchen, back home. I cherish these spices so and revel in their aroma and exuberance. I take pride in having a shelf devoted exclusively to these bright colored spices which reminds me of Home.

Anyway, I get down to business.

I took two teaspoon full of chilli powder (oh yeah)

paparika (our very own),

half teaspoon of black pepper  and turmeric powder.

I was also in a mood to add a quarter of a teaspoon of garlic powder completed with dashes of salt (depending on how much salt you really want in a processed fillet)

I sprinkled some lemon juice on the spices. Then, the fun began. I mixed the spices well with my bare hands and left it for about five to ten minutes.Afterwards, I rubbed the marinade well on the fish and settled down to wait for an hour.

When it was almost time for dinner, I took the fish bowl out of the fridge and entrusted them in the capable hands of my hubby, our in-house ‘Barbecue Man’. Unlike Chicken, Fish only takes maximum fifteen minutes on medium heat in a regular propane barbecue. Grill them to your liking! It turned out nice and well.

Easy Grilled Fish Recipes

 It was not over cooked, so that the right amount of moisture was left on the fish, retaining the juiciness and flavor. The spices colored my fish in all the right ways and helped it to take on a golden fire color, making it look even more appetizing! I also cooked some corn on the cob and garden salad to go on the side.

There you have it!

It was the patio dinner that I made for my family on that beautiful summer evening- Grilled Fish, Corn on the Cob and Garden Salad.

What’s usually on the menu for your patio dinner times? Also if you have easy grilled fish recipes to share, please do! We are listening 🙂



  1. I have to say that I’ve never tried BBQ fish, but it sounds good! Thanks for the idea!

  2. I like salmon on the bbq, especially on a wood plank comes out very nice. This spice blend sounds quite nice, will have to give it a try!

  3. I love bbq’ing. It’s a staple way to cook around here, even when it rains. I don’t like seafood much but thinking about it, I’m sure the kids would love it with some smoked chips to give it some flavor.

  4. I always find it so difficult to BBQ fish. Thanks for this! Sounds fantastic! I put paprika on everything like this too! 🙂

  5. I am grilling tilapia – pretty often, but always in aluminum foil . Now- I am curious to make it you way 🙂

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  7. I’ve never mixed spices with my hands. My husband loves lemon on his fish. I don’t. I do love paprika and we buy spices a lot and try new ones as well as the old ones. Being from the PNW(Pacific Northwest) we barbecue salmon but not other fish. Might have to give some other fish a try. Thanks for the blog. Enjoy your SITS Day.

  8. That sounds yummy! I love fish. This summer we learned we loved to make shish kabobs with mushrooms marinated with balsamic, bell peppers, onions, and small tomatoes. They were amazing.

  9. I love fish on the BBQ. I love your recommended combination of spices. I used to be clueless about spices and now I want to have everyone in my cabinet. This mixture sounds amazing.

  10. I love the seasonings you used! We don’t have a grill, but I will have to season my fish with those next time I get ready to fry them up!

  11. We usually do the standard BBQ menu … Burgers hot dogs steaks and the occasional shrimp but I’ve never considered fish. I just thought it was too fragile. Now I know better… 🙂

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