I am wondering about the reason for your visit. A few things I can confirm already even before we are acquainted.

  1. You are a Mom
  2. You are tired
  3. And you need help.

Ah yes! That’s why you are here. #3! You need help. A Lot.

Welcome to my humble abode, MomLess Mom, a little place online where moms care for each other. And I am so very happy you are here. Today, you proved me right once again by your visit- that as Moms, we neglect ourselves BIG TIME. And we need someone, ANYONE to hold our hands and guide us down the path of self-love and self-care.

That’s the very reason MomLess Mom exists.

MomLess Mom is your guiding light in the dark. When things go south and you had a particularly bad day of parenting or life in general, she shows up without fail. She will tell you this: “Hey, it’s ok Mama. You are not alone. You are in the company of a band of women who’s been there once. We were all tired once. Broken. We craved peace, calm and quiet. We wanted to be left alone. We needed to be taken care of, because Darn!

Aren’t we sick of taking care of OTHERS constantly? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some time for ourselves? Our care?

Time for some wine, alone time, Netflix..anything?

So guess what? MomLess Mom took the initiative and told her girls it is exactly what she is gonna do. She will be that place, THAT haven where they all can stop by and kick back. Relax and have virtual margaritas and watch the world go by. Well, all figurative of course! I think I got a little carried away 🙂


What evolved as a Parenting and Lifestyle blog, has now become much more. MomLess Mom is a movement of moms-women like you and me. Who are in need of self-care. We would also like to be pampered, cared for, fussed over. It is NOT always vice versa. But boy,  don’t we forget that sometimes?

As the founder, I aim to turn the clock back down the path to self-care.

I empower moms and equip them to care for themselves. I strive for her mental wellness above all. I plan to teach and learn more about self-love in the process. Together we will rediscover ourselves with self-care activities that are tailored to our needs.

Now that you have found me and this place, I want to invite you to keep me company on this journey of self-love and self-care. Let’s pull ourselves together and walk back in time to meet the younger you. What would you like to say to her? “Nice to meet you, I loved it how you took care of me back then. Would you teach me how to do it again? Because you see, life got in the way and I simply forgot I needed to be cared for too…”

That’s’ it, my friends. The path to self-realization starts with a simple step. And you just took the first one!

Take back your life without compromising your spirit or self, ever again!

Begin your journey today…




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