Start Your Work Week Off Right With 4 Simple Tips

Do you dread Sunday evenings? Now that I have returned to work force part time, Monday blues get the better of me often 🙁

Knowing that in a few short hours the work week will begin, I have learned that I can make my week a lot easier and less dreadful if I use these simple tips below.

Start Your Work Week Off Right With 4 Simple Tips

I found myself enjoying the full weekend and not dreading the alarm going off as much on Monday morning. These tips are so easy to do, and you wouldn’t think it would change much, but it does! 

 How to Start Your Work Week Off Right With These Simple Tips

I found myself to feel happier through the week! 

Plan Outfits For Week

 If you don’t have to wear a uniform, sometimes finding clothes to wear in the morning is a chore. I can waste 30 minutes trying clothes on to find the perfect outfit. Planning outfits for the week saves time and stress! Just piece outfits together and place them on a hanger, and then grab and put on in the morning! No more worrying that your shirt is in the dirty laundry, or worrying what to wear! You can also piece jewelry together for the outfit if you want, it really saves so much time.  If you have children, this works great too! If they are old enough let them have fun planning their outfits with you! That way when morning comes they might look forward to the outfit they put together! 

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Prepping Meals

This is one you may or may not do. I find that making your lunches ahead of times works great. You can even do this with breakfast. Sometimes I make a skillet of scrambled eggs and sausage, place in a sealed container and then you just heat it up in the morning. It is quick and a great meal to have. Pair with some fruit and your good. If you don’t want to prep a whole week of meals you can always just make the lunch the night before. That way you grab and go saving a lot of time in the morning! This works for sandwiches, salads, leftovers and everything in between.

Pinterest is a great place to find new lunch and breakfast ideas to make ahead of time! 

Work on Laundry

 If you wait till the last minute to get your laundry done, try doing it over the weekend. That way you have less chores to come home to, and more clothes to choose from for the work week. I love to wash bedding on a Sunday, so that you can go to bed with clean sheets. I always sleep better with fresh bedding. 

Time to Relax

Do something that relaxes you, whether you read a book or two or dive in to your favorite tv shows. Just make sure you can unwind and decompress. Don’t feel over stressed before the work week even begins. Go do a painting class with some friends, take your dog for a walk, anything to get you feeling relaxed for the week ahead. 

I hope that these simple tips can help you in starting your work week off on the right foot. The less you have to do each morning can give you time to relax a bit before you head out the door. You might get to watch more of the news, or read the newspaper. 



  1. Hello Vinma

    Brilliant 4 tips to start your work week off right, you can try meditation also. A lot of people take meditation seriously because they say that through it, you are able to harness your mind so that it travels faster and it can bring you into a state of relaxation that enables you to remain composed, even in the middle of a crisis. People are always confronted by situations that bring them to their own breaking points. If your mind is congested, this can be constancy, but when you learn to meditate, you can cancel out negative thoughts and bring yourself somewhere else.

    Our brain is a very complicated anatomical and physiological organ. We are only able to access a portion of our brain, on a normal state, but if we allow ourselves to channel through our thoughts in the right way, we can get in touch with our inner self and gain control over our true potential.

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

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