Successful Potty Training in 3 Days!

  We had a tough time potty training Kevin. It took almost a year to help him get comfortable with the ‘washroom business’.

I was bombarded with all the information out there when I first ventured into the unknown world of potty training . I didn’t know which sources were reliable or which information could be trusted with good results. Since I was very unsure about how to go about doing it, I was in a mess to begin with and had to resort to spontaneity and gut instincts on our journey to successful potty training- which eluded us totally for the first six months! Needless to say, as Parents, we were all over the place and it is not surprising that it took us a long time to see some results.

We did not have a blue print. We did not have a plan. We also did not have the support of practical and time tested resources to back us up on this crucial parental mission. But as the time passed on, through countless trials and errors, We finally saw results and Kevin became successful in being an independent and ‘pull up free’ little guy.

Successful Potty Training in 3 days!

There is a reason why I decided to write about the story of Kevin’s potty training now. Even though, those days for him are clearly over, our second-in-line to the throne of potty,  my little girl Krista could sure use some help . And I am so glad that I finally stumbled on some information online on successful potty training in  3 days! Yes, you heard that right. Its wonderful to know that I will have a reliable source of information to fall back on when little Krista is ready to enter the new world of washroom! I so not want to spend miserable months teaching her unsuccessfully to use her potty properly and trusting that with time, everything will turn out right.   

 This program that I came across is called Start Potty Training in 3 days and it is developed by Carol Cline, a Mom of four who  devised her

Potty training in 3 days!own means  to  toilet train her children  in record time, to be exact in three days!  Her methods became so popular over time that other parents started coming to her to seek her advise and borrow her techniques to help them through the potty training of their kids.

In the program, Carol shares the tips and techniques that worked for her as a parent and helped her children in easily transition to  ‘potty users’.  “Successful Potty Training in 3 days!” program costs about $37 and it is loaded with information and resources in the form of DVD’s, books, direct online support from the Creator herself and even some reward stickers and charts which itself is valued at $39.99, but comes free if you order all for $37. It is a great deal and one I would certainly be taking advantage of. 

Successful Potty Training in 3 days also promises 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results! So, there is really nothing to loose, you see? if you don’t get the desired results in eight weeks of  buying this program, the price you paid for it will be returned to you promptly, no questions asked. But considering the obscene amount of money that you spend on pull-ups, don’t you think its worthwhile to take a plunge for $37 for your potty training needs? I think so. 

So, if you are convinced enough, go ahead and take that leap of faith for your child’s successful  potty training in 3 days!To purchase the  program, Click Here!


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  1. I am a long way from potty training. My little girl is only 7 months old, but I am not looking forward to it. I am definitely bookmarking this post because I know it’s right around the corner!

    1. I hope this will work for you when your daughter is ready for this important step in her life 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I believe potty training can be done in three days, but I feel it’s best to let the child work through it when they are completely ready. The little girl I care for, her parents pushed her and now she is regressing. My daughter is completely potty trained when I took a very relaxed route. What people have to remember is that each child is different and learns at their own pace.

    1. Absolutely! This method can only be applied once the child tells you that he or she is ready for potty training, whenever that is. Each child is different and its important not to rush them through the process. As far as I know, this program doesn’t rush the child through potty training, but work with them at their own pace to kiss this milestone sooner rather than later. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I have the book and feel it is catering to the parent’s needs not that of the child ultimately and to our society’s need for a quick resolution to fix a problem that’s not there for the child; it’s nature. I found the method rather insensitive to the personality and developmental stage of the child. I ventured to implement it when 3; however, it felt like my way or the highway, leaving the child to fend for herself. I decided to take a few pointers from it and let potty take it’s course rather than fighting it, and deal with MY problem.

    This is probably not what you as a reviewer want to hear, but it is something to consider. I can’t blame you if you don’t want to approve this post.

    In peace.

    1. Hi Faye

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience with this program. Please know that I greatly appreciate the fact that you felt free to share your opinion. I am sorry that you did not have a good experience with this. Have you considered asking for your money back? As far as reviewing this program, did you notice that I haven’t tried this course but was merely sharing the news of stumbling upon a program that might work for my baby girl who will be soon ready for her potty training? I am always on the look out for ideas to help us with potty training because we did not have a good experience with our first born 🙂 On another note, I have talked to some of the other parents who bought this program who got good results out of it! I was considering purchasing it. There will always be two or more sets of experience with trying out new products and services. I guess that is just the way it is. I hope you try getting your money back. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. My oldest was a breeze to potty train but my youngest took a lot longer. It’s always great reading what works best for other parents.

  5. It has been so long since I potty trained my Daughter that I can’t remember if it was easy or hard. Making it fun would be much better.

  6. I had three of four children who were easy to potty train. The last one, nope, nuh uh, no. 😉 It was interesting, but we did make it fun!

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