Super8 Hotel- A Midland Story


During our visit to Discovery Harbour and Huronia Beach in Midland, we had our accommodation arranged at the Super8 Hotel. The room was booked at the last minute as our vacation was not a pre-planned one, this time around. Hubby happened to get some time off from work so it all came together hastily at the end.

Super8 Hotel Review


Anyways, taking care of details is always a pain (in the…you know where ), especially at the last minute, right? But we got Super 8 as a pure stroke of luck for a few reasons


1. Like I said, this was an unplanned vacation


2. Second, it is pretty hard to find nice hotel deals in the summer time that are good on pockets, let alone a Saturday! (Yeah, go figure)


3. Convenience- It is a big thing when traveling with kids. We need to make sure there are double beds in the room, overall cleanliness of the space, plus microwave and fridge (I know, a bit far in hoping, but whatever) for the kids’ snacks and other food items.


4. Accessibility to the attractions that we might be going to while in the area.


All of these were handled very well when we were able to get into Super 8! At the time of booking, there were only 4 more rooms left at this Hotel for the specific day we wanted. Great! I quickly skimmed through the Tripadvisor and saw that Super8, Midland has a fairly good rating given by the previous patrons.

 What is the worst thing that could happen, right?  The rates offered were reasonable at the moment too. I booked the Hotel in a heart beat and heaved a sigh of relief for taking care of the biggest detail of our trip!

 On the supposed day, we got to the Hotel on time and our room was ready. I mentally spot checked the room quickly and found it satisfactory and exactly how it was supposed to be!


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I was also delighted to find out about the Pool and Fitness Center as part of the Hotel amenities. Free Wi-Fi , Parking and Continental Breakfast were the other conveniences offered.

 Super8 was located close to all the stores and restaurants in the area which was pretty good. We walked to the nearby Swiss Chalet for dinner since it was just a short distance away.

 There was a Computer installed in the lobby for the patrons for quick assistance with internet but it didn’t seem to be working when I tried it for some reason. You needn’t use the lobby computer due to free Wi-Fi in the rooms but it is certainly good to have it in workable condition when you are in a hurry and need to check something online before heading out.

 Also, I didn’t like the coffee from the coffee maker that they had in the rooms. It was too strong to the point of bitter to my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Coffee addict and it takes a lot for me to say that I didn’t like a certain type of coffee! But to be fair, the coffee at the breakfast time was good and I have no complaints there. In fact, the breakfast was excellent! The Menu was continental. They had all the usual dishes plus hard boiled eggs and get this! You can make your own waffles in the waffle maker! They supply the pre-made waffle mix! I found it excellent and very neat!   

 Kevin and Krista checked out the pool and were immediately entranced by the cool water. They didn’t want to leave! I also took time to peak into their FitnessCenter but didn’t make use of it.

 My explanation? Who has time to do Exercise and Gym while on Vacation, right? Ha! 

 Over all, my family and I had a good experience with Super8 during our stay at their Midland location.

 Will we stay there again? Yes, we would, definitely! 


***This is an independent review done by me and the Hotel in question did not facilitate the review in any ways****


  1. I would suggest trying a suite out with kids. We went out-of-town the other week and stayed in a suite — baby had his own room and hubby and I had our own. If you look hard enough, you can often find a suite for the price of a hotel room, you just may need to be an additional 10 minutes away from an attraction, city, etc.

  2. Wow love the look of the room, they have definitely done some updating. Looks like a nice place to stay. We once stayed at a big name hotel at the last minute and it was very scary LOL

  3. I’ve always had good luck with Super 8. It’s a pretty basic hotel with everything you need. And I would agree with you…the coffee is horrible.

  4. Awesome that you had a good experience! I’ve been to several and find that it really depends on the management. I have stayed in some that were awesome and others that weren’t.

  5. We have a super8 here too. Your pictures are nice and that I was able to see what their rooms look like. Will check them out on our next trip.

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