Surprising Vicks VapoRub Uses


Oh man! Tis’ the season for Vicks.

The weather is cooling down so be prepared with your flu fighter packs and allergy remedies. Cold and sniffles making rounds come with the territory so it doesn’t hurt to have Vicks on hand for instant fixes.

Well, that is the most obvious use of Vicks, isn’t it? You buy a bottle of Vicks VapoRub when you or someone in the house is sick.

But then it probably sits for a year or so untouched.


Surprising Vicks VapoRub Uses


Vicks Vaporub uses



Well, below you will read some surprising uses for Vicks VapoRub! It is a great way to use it up, and it really might come in handy for cracked heels, bug bites and more. 


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If you find yourself with a headache that won’t quit, grab the Vicks! It has basic ingredients like Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, and Menthol, all great for headaches. Just dab a little on the back of ears and/or neck for relief. It will also give you a nice cooling effect. 



Have an earache, then apply a little Vaporub to a cotton ball and place in the ear. It will help take the pain away. 


Achy Muscles


The menthol in Vicks will help increase blood circulation, and that will help relieve those achy muscles. Massage the troubled area spot, and then cover with a dry warm towel for 15-30 minutes. 




Dab a little Vicks on to your zits, and let sit for 30 minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water. 


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Bug Bites


 If you have an itchy bug bite, apply some VapoRub and a little table salt to the bite. Just mix a tiny bit together (a dash of salt) and apply to the bite. 


Cracked Heels


 If you have cracked heels, grab the Vicks. It has ingredients that help retain moisture, which will help heal those cracks. Just apply a considerable amount of Vaporub to heels, and then put a pair of old socks on. Sleep with the socks on through the night. Then wake up and rinse off your feet, and get rid of any leftover rub. 


Killing Warts


Apply a generous amount of Vicks Vaporub onto your warts at bedtime. This will help to start working to break down and kill the wart. Do this every night until the wart is gone. 


Cold Sores


If you feel a cold sore coming on, apply a little to the troubled area. Repeat as needed until the cold sore is gone. 




If you have an outbreak, start applying some Vicks Vaporub frequently to the spot. Do this regularly for a few days to help get rid of eczema. 


Minor Burns


If you have a minor burn, wash the affected area with cool water. Then apply some of the Vicks, it will have a cooling effect on the burn. 


See? A little bottle of Vicks can go a long way in helping you fix a variety of issues. If you got some leftover Vicks sitting around, I would say today is your lucky day! 🙂




With love, Vinma



Surprising Vicks VapoRub Uses

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