Tailgate Event Powered by GMC


I was given an awesome opportunity to attend the Tailgate event hosted by GM Canada very recently.

review on GMCSierra and Chevy Silverado
Tailgate Event Powered by GMC

This event aimed at unveiling the all new 2014 GMC Sierra and 2014 Chevrolet Silverado for the first time ever! Along with showing off these brand new trucks, GM also bought some of its best sellers like Buick Lacrosse, Chevrolet Spark ( the electric vehicle) Cadillac CTS and Chevrolet Camaro to serve as  eye candies for the eyes of the attendees. And oh boy, did they succeed?

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Cadillac CTS

 There was southern style barbecue for dinner and great group of audience who admired the sleekness and grandeur of the new vehicles displayed all around the venue.  The gathering was quite informal and casual and we were introduced properly to the new Sierra and Silverado by one of the GM staff.

 The newest versions of Sierra and Silverado boasts of quite a number of new technologies that was not present in the models from yester years.


2014 GMC Sierra 1500

GMC Sierra Source: GM Canada Page
GMC Sierra
Source: GM Canada Page


The new Sierra is powerful than ever before in the brand’s 110 years history. It features new EcoTec3 engines, fully remodeled cabin with the next generation IntelliLink connectivity for the truck owner. The  IntelliLink Connectivity uses a high- definition reconfigurable eight inch color touch screen with an intuitive layout. It contains easy to read icons that controls Audio, Blue-tooth and Map Display features. Sierra is also second to none when it comes to its safety features. The trucks’ Forward Collision Alert uses a forward facing camera to let the Driver know of an imminent crash. Also, the Lane Departure Warning, another safety feature, uses the same camera to identify the truck’s position in relation to the road’s lane markings. This all new Sierra also highlights its first ever Safety Alert Seat, which produces vibrating pulse patterns on both sides of the lower seat cushion bolster to warn the driver of possible threats like un-signaled lane change or approaching another vehicle too quickly.

 Sierra also introduces us to its one other newest feature called Onstar technology. This enables the owner to start his truck remotely or check the fuel level before heading out using the REMOTELINK Mobile app. Onstar also offers another feature called REMOTE SERVICES UNLOCK which helps the driver by opening the truck for him if he leaves his keys inside the vehicle or don’t remember where he parked the truck. GM assures us that Onstar is inbuilt in every GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado.


2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500


Chevrolet Silverado Source: GM Canada Page
Chevrolet Silverado
Source: GM Canada Page

According to GM, The all new Silverado is the best engineered ever and it boasts of its EcoTec3 engines that could generate more power and superior efficiency. Much like the IntelliLink connectivity of Sierra, the new Silverado provides its customers with MyLink technology  which caters to the easy-to-use connectivity for the job site or the family vacation. It has the enhanced voice recognition that allows people to make calls, enter destinations, browse media and manage other functions just by telling the vehicle what to do. Pretty cool, huh? All models of this vehicle have vast interior storage, multiple USB ports, 12 volt and 110 volt power outlets etc.

 Speaking of Safety features of this truck, Silverado strives to offer a comprehensive package including StabiliTrak electronic stability control with Trailor Sway Control and Hill Start Assist. The idea is this feature makes it comparatively easier for the driver to park the truck while towing a trailor. The inbuilt  Onstar feature in the truck also allows the Lane Departure Warning Alerts and Forward Collision Alert.

 As you can see, both Sierra and Silverado for the coming year is ready to take on the Auto Market by storm as they raise the bars on its efficiency, safety and performance.

 After all said and done and getting to know more about these trucks through the presentation on that evening, the guests of the Tailgate event was taken outside where the ‘Stars of the evening’ were neatly parked. We were given a chance to take any of the brand new Sierra and Silverado displayed there for a spin and I was excited at the opportunity! To be honest, I have never driven a truck before and I was dying to test drive a Sierra and see what the buzz was all about and how much of it is true. I hopped in to the first available Sierra and oh my! The interior of it looked fabulous! The touch screen display on the dash proved everything that was said about it in the presentation being true. The engine purred quietly as soon as I turned the ignition on. The huge truck started gliding ever so quietly down the parking lot which was unlike anything I expected for a truck to behave.

 Wasn’t it supposed to be noisier than this? Or a little bit more ground shaking and earth vibrating than this? The drive was smooth and the wheels felt surprisingly soft in my hands. Yup! At the end of my test drive, I was rather impressed with this new Sierra and its quietness, strength and efficiency. And I am glad that I waited this long to drive a truck because now, to me Sierra and Silverado are everything and more a Truck is supposed to be! 


***This is not a paid review. I was given admission to this media event that was hosted by GM to take a first look at their soon to be released vehicles. All opinions expressed here are my own and they are 100% honest****


    1. I know, cadillacs are awesome.. may be someday, I will have one of those,… well, a girl can dream, right? 😉

  1. Sounds like fun. We got to go to a ride and drive event a few years a go an it was so nice to be able to check out a bunch of vehicles all at once. (Getting to take a few around a high speed track with a pro was pretty cool too)

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