Teething- A Curse and a Blessing

Krista is growing in leaps and bounds. Everyday, I see something new in her. She is more rounder, her features are getting more defined, she is quick with facial expressions these days, her motor skills are getting better day by day..and the most newest change? I spotted two tiny white buds popping out of her bottom part of the gums! Yes, my baby is getting the teeth! She is teething crazy and would just about bite onto anything that she can get hold of with her tiny little hands. Teethers that I gave her help ocassionally but she is more excited with biting into her own cloths, toys, side of the coffee table and pretty much anything that I did not want her to chew.
I realize the pain and frustration that she is going through with her teething and sometimes try to invent ways to minimize her trouble. I gave her clean damp washcloth sometimes for chewing and it sometimes soothes her irritation with the gums. Also, wrapping the washcloth around an ice cube will do the trick as well. Distraction is also effective to an extent. Playing toys with her or singing songs to her take Krista’s mind of her physical botherations a teeny bit. I read stories and Krista avidly listens to Mommy’s voice and seems to forget her teeth for a while. I will my child to understand that teething is a necessary part of being her growing up and will not last long. But sure she doesn’t care for that at this moment. All she knows is that her teeth is just a nuisance and is big time standing in her way to enjoy the fun of being a baby in wake and in sleep!

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