Ten Backyard Dangers to Watch Out for to Ensure Child Outdoor Safety

Kids are pretty good at finding trouble and boo-boos, so we as parents and caregivers are tasked with finding it first. The backyard is not commonly thought of as a danger zone, but it certainly can be. Backyards are only as safe as we make them. Here are ten examples of possible dangers in the backyard that we should look out for this summer to ensure child outdoor safety:

Backyard Dangers to Watch Out for to Ensure Child Outdoor Safety

Ten Backyard Dangers to Watch Out for to Ensure Child Outdoor Safety


1. Locks that are not secure

If a lock is broken, kids will find a way to open it and head into the areas of the yard you don’t want them in. This goes for sheds and basements with broken locks too

 2. Swings that are rusty or broken

Broken and rusty swings are absolute death traps according to most Grandparents. The truth is, rust is quite dangerous. This is especially true when accompanied by sharp edges.

3. Bees, ants or other dangerous wildlife

 Most parents would be shocked to know how many dangerous animals could be lurking in their yard. Caterpillars, bees, insects, spiders and snakes are only the start of it. Inspect your yard with regularity to keep these risks minimal.

4. Lawn mowers or sharp tools 

Why wouldn’t a kid turn over a lawnmower and play with the blade? Exactly…If it is sharp, they will find it.

5. Gasoline, oil or other toxins

 If putting it in their mouths would be dangerous, then keep it somewhere else. Unfortunately, about once or twice a year you hear of a kid getting hold of antifreeze. Don’t let this happen to your kid. 

6.Pet droppings

While dog poo might seem innocent enough, it is not something you want your kid around. Pick up the poo and keep your kid safe from all kinds of nasty microbe

 7. Clothes lines

 A broken or low hanging clothes line can be a tragedy waiting to happen. Make sure these are well off the ground and out of reach.

8. Trees with low, climbable limbs

Once again, the kids will climb and fall if you give them a chance to do so. Keep limbs trimmed and dangers minimized.

9. Barbs or splinters on the fencing

Spend an afternoon going through the fences and other wooden surfaces and eliminating splinters. Sanding will take care of most problems.

10. Mushrooms or other toxic plants

Most people keep up with the other things on this list but then forget about the plants and such. Mushrooms, poison ivy and oak, toadstools and poisonous berries come to mind. Make sure you remove all things that could harm your child if ingested. If you can’t, then reconsider the location as a viable playing area.

There are certainly other dangerous things out there, but this list covers the vast majority. The bottom line is that you have to constantly assume the worst case scenario and prepare the back yard in that way. Kids are creative and will try most anything if it is new and different. If you take away their risks, then you have a much better chance of avoiding accidents thereby ensuring child outdoor safety.



  1. yes you are right summer already starts and kids not oing to their school so they free all day. now they finding place for enjoy or picnic all time you should be care about these thing all parents must read this post really helpful. we can improve small mistake and save our child from these things

  2. It really is important to watch out for dangers in our backyards – Thank you for sharing this important post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. I’ve featured it at this week’s hop. Hope to ‘see’ you there 🙂

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