The Art of Diapering with Huggies #LittleMoversPlus

Diapers are a way of life for us parents, at least during the beginning years of Parenthood.

I find myself shopping for them almost every month without fail. And I do not have to tell you this but choosing the right diaper for your child is really important. A wrong diaper could contribute to leaking accidents or worse, diaper rashes for the little ones.

Huggies #LittleMoversPlus Diapers sizes 1-6

 I believe in Huggies Little Movers Plus diapers and below are the reasons why. 

Most Absorbent Diapers ever! 

First and foremost, your child needs to be protected well in the diaper of your choosing. Absorbency factor is key. This means,  the diaper should be able to hold liquid in large volumes. Huggies Little Movers Plus and Little Snugglers Plus promises high efficiency absorbency for day and night protection! As your little ones get ready to explore the world, you can rest assured that their bums are shielded with the help of GentleAbsorb® Liner of Huggies Little Movers Plus or Snugglers Plus- a great extra layer of protection.

The Softness

Your child has soft skin, so the diaper that comes into contact with that skin should be equally, (if not more) softer. The tabs that secure both sides need to stay in place and should have soft corners. Voila! Huggies Little Movers Plus is all about softness. My kiddo is so happy wearing the new Movers Plus and I know that she would not suffer from diaper rashes as she used to in the past with previous diapers we tried. Diaper cream was in high demand for a while in our house, but now it is a thing of the past with Huggies Little Movers Plus!

Huggies Little Movers Plus

Comfy Fit

All said and done, even the best absorbing diaper may leak if the fit is not right. You may have heard, the weight of your child and the size of the diaper kind of goes hand in hand to prevent leaking accidents from happening. Knowing them both is imperative to do informed shopping in this department.  

That being said, Huggies Little Movers Plus and Little Snugglers Plus both guarantees Comfy Fit and they make good on this promise! My three year old is one busy body and I have had freak instances in the past where she left behind big messes to clean up. Looking back, often times accidents happened in spite of the informed purchases I made involving the weight of the child and diaper size. There were instances where I couldn’t figure out why the leak happened- like immediately after diaper changes.

The thing is, your diapers need to be perfect fit-simple as that! So, it is not a mystery really. Thanks to Huggies Little Movers Plus, this is a valuable lesson I learned. With the help of Double Grip Strip, Little Movers Plus diapers move with your baby and protect him or her against leaks-giving a comfy fit that lasts. I love this feature!

The Diaper, The Design

Last but not the least, My little girl is in love with all the adorable disney designs of her Huggies Little Movers Plus diapers.


She loves to show them off to everyone and Mommy totally understands why. After all, the Unique Mickey, Minnie and Pluto graphics are certainly to die for, you see?

 Mommy can sit and watch her little pumpkin waddling around in her cute diapers all day without worrying about leaks or accidents or rashes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is!

Huggies’ newest and most premium diapers, Huggies Little Movers Plus and Little Snugglers Plus are now available for you to enjoy. We love ours in case you haven’t noticed! 

Little Movers and Snugglers Plus are exclusively sold at Costco Canada, sizes 1-6. Yeah, I know. Go ahead and buy them  in bulk . I won’t judge 🙂 

Disclosure: I am part of the Huggies Ambassador Campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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