The Ultimate Self Care of Saying YES! to YOU


Self care is not always about getting your nails done or treating yourself to favorite dessert. Although it is part of taking care of yourself, it isn’t the whole story. Self care is much broader than that. I do my best explaining on the blog what it is and how to practice proper self care even when you are a beginner. Majority of my blog posts are about self care, self love and mental wellness. If at lease ONE of them speaks to you and guide you in the right direction, I would say my purpose is fulfilled!


The Ultimate Self Care of Saying YES! to YOU


Ultimate self care of saying YES! to you


As we begin a new year overwhelmed and lost in this Pandemic pressure, I feel it is important to reiterate the concept of self care and how it can help you stay focused even when the times are tough and you don’t feel like following through a mental wellness regimen.  I read somewhere recently that self care is saying YES to ourselves more often. I think it is so true. The problem we often experience is we are soooo reluctant to turn people away by saying NO to their asks. We don’t want to be the bad guy and get on someone’s bad book by saying No. Instead we brace ourselves and say YES to them even though it could cost us. Bottom line? We end up saying NO to us in the process. And believe it or not, this happens way too often. This behavior of putting ourselves last sends us into a vicious cycle until we burn out completely one day.


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People talk about resolutions around this time of the year. Although I think it is a good thing, I don’t do this. Instead, I find focus statements (or affirmations)  for each year and try to stick to it to the best of my ability. I have been doing this for the last few years. It is working out well for me. Affirmations or focus sentences are short positive statements that can elevate our mental state by repeating internally. You can also write them on post it notes and put them in places to see it all the time-  work desk, bath room mirror, night stand etc. These constant reminders will enable you to be mindful of the affirmation and the meaning it brings about. Consciously or unconsciously your brain starts programming the affirmation until it becomes a way of life to you, almost like a habit. And that’s what we want!

So why not create a focus statement or affirmation right here, right now?



How is that for an affirmation to stick by in 2021? If you are a serious self care practitioner and really wants to take it to the next level, now is the time! Say YES to YOU- always. Never put yourself behind everybody else, treat yourself like the way you treat someone you love. Sure, it might feel uncomfortable at first saying no to others. Specially  what they are asking doesn’t work for you. After all, you are wired to say YES constantly, right? And that’s ok. It is normal to feel jittery because what you are doing is something new. Go ahead and rock that boat. It is supposed to feel uncomfortable. But as you go along and say NO often, watch sister. It is going to start feeling easy and liberating. And THATS the FEELING we are after! The Liberation.


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Originally I was going to write a few more tips to practice self care in the New year. But then I thought, wait a minute! This affirmation right here is the GROUND RULE of Self care. If you can master this, rest will follow along in time. Also, as always remember self care is not selfish, it is your birthright. You are not being cruel or mean when you give priority to self care although people might think that way but what they think of you is none of your business! Kindness is the precursor to Self care- both to yourself and to others. So just be kind and carry on practicing self care. You will do just fine 🙂





The Ultimate Self Care of Saying YES! to YOU

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