The Weather Guy and I

We are soon stepping into the month of June and getting closer and closer to welcome the first day of summer. The weather is blossoming and the temperature rise up to notches as we trudge ahead further and further into this season. weather guy There are always plans during the weekends. If not visiting our friends and families, we will be out exploring the Nature- like going to the park and having a nice little picnic! Kevin is a Nature boy. He is not the kind of kid who would curl up in the sofa the whole day and watch the TV or play video games. He would rather be outside in our back yard, playing in his swing and slide or having fun with his ‘rock collection’ which he treasures with his life! I find it really easy to manage Kevin during this time around since it takes only a little to make him happy and content- like letting him go to the back yard and play, offer him cool lemonade when he whines for a treat  or allowing him to play his heart out in the water tub. I know all these fun activities are like heaven for him and he becomes such a happy child. And I can already say that Krista will keep him good company when she is able to join him one day. I have noticed the way she tries to leap out of my arms whenever I open the door to the back yard and a fresh cool air breeze in. I can tell that she cannot wait to explore the world behind those doors and that she is very impatient to join Kevin at those times and share the fun. I love my Nature Boy and Nature Girl!


One thing I noticed about me after I came here to live in Canada is that I have learned a lot to appreciate the weather conditions and mindful of what the weatherman has to say to us every day. I diligently watch for Mother Nature’s behavior- is she going to be okay today or go bonkers on us- in her rainy days and sunny days. weather channel If it is winter, I worry whether she is going to go crazy and bombard us with a snow storm and make our life difficult. If it is summer, I speculate about my kids getting sun burn on our day out in the park with the intense heat. Specially, when we go away somewhere, Hubs makes sure to find out about the weather and we pack our cloths accordingly. Layers, Check! Sun glasses, Check! Hats, mittens, gloves, check! Shorts and tees check! – You know, whatever the season is. Initially when I came here, it looked to me as funny when people listening to weather news like anything. I was surprised that there was even a full fledged weather channel! I wondered what they are going on about the whole day… I doubted the accuracy of their reports and convinced that Hubs is so stupid to respect their data so much. How little I knew then? No kidding, right?

 Back home in India, I couldn’t care less for the sun screen lotion or sun glasses. There was always an umbrella in my purse because I had to be prepared for untimely rain all.the.time.


In India, Weather reports are a joke.


If they say rain, then it is going to be a hot summer day. If they say, it is going to be a hot day, then you better have an umbrella with you when you leave home. So the norm is whatever they report, you just expect the opposite! I am serious guys. This is true. This is exactly like Indian weather reporting!


The end result? The weather forecast there is as good as dead. People there have learned to ignore and tune them out completely and listen to one’s intuition- like what do you think today is going to be like? Does it look like rain? Okay, get the umbrella. Is it going to be cool? Well, have your full sleeve on… you know, that sort of thing. Indian climate changes every day- one day it is hot, next day, a bit cool and day after, you will be dumped with heavy rain. The highly unpredictable nature of Indian weather is not good news when you get little or no help from the weather guys over there.


So you can imagine when I first moved here, “the weather business” was one of the “cultural shocks” that I got. I simply couldn’t trust them and couldn’t understand their importance in people’s lives. I was always insecure around them and continued to carry my umbrella in the purse on my trips outside home- even during the summer days with no tinge of cloud in the bright blue sky! Yeah, I was pathetic. I didn’t know I could trust them until a few years ago.


I am embarrassed when I revisit this phase of my life when I had trust issues with Mother Nature and Canada’s weather report. I blame the inconsistency of Indian Weather Department and their constant errors in this area for my lack of faith for the Universal Weatherhood! But now I can say that the worst is over and that the Weather Guy has won my heart, finally. I believe in him with all my heart and listen to his words intently. I do as he says and nothing can sway me from breaking up with him. My faith is steadfast in him and it is all good now.


Where is my umbrella, you ask? Ask me that in the next Spring. Because even I don’t know where it is now since I am expecting Summer at my door soon!


How important is listening to Weather in your day to day life for you? Do you feel like something is missing when you do not know what the days’ forecast is and you are out and about anyway?




  1. I live in Florida so the weather reporting is very important…especially during hurricane season!

  2. My husband is a Weather Channel junkie. Of course, he works outside so I guess that makes perfect sense right?

  3. I worked with weather people for almost 15 years in my TV news career. Yes, they get it wrong a lot. But think about all the times they can help save lives in a dangerous storm.

  4. HA! I used to joke that weathermen were professional “guessers”, especially when I lived n Colorado and they would say it was going to be a clear, beautiful day and 2 hours later we would be under 4 feet of snow. GAH!

  5. Wow! That is really interesting about the weather in India! I had no idea that it’s so unpredictable. I find myself listening to the weather man every morning here but there are times when Mother Nature still decides to do her own thing! I always carry an umbrella in my van no matter what lol!

  6. I try to watch the weather every day…and usually when I don’t I’m caught off guard by something – how warm/cold it is, rain, etc. I also get those crazy weather push alerts…now more than ever and about everything from rain to high wind.

  7. My two boys have to wear uniforms to school. However, every morning they tap their weather app on their iTouch to see if it is a “uniform shorts” or “uniform pants” day. It’s so funny. I hear them discussing the weather and the best choice as they stand around in their boxers. They would be so confused in India!! 😉

  8. The information on weather in India was very interesting. It’s funny, because I can relate to it on some level. I live in Wisconsin. The weather here can go from wintery cold one day to beach weather the next. There have been days I woke up to below-freezing temperatures and I was in shorts by the afternoon.

    I pretty much just check the weather if I’ll be traveling or I’m planning a day outside. There are times I doubt the weatherman… how could he possibly accurately read these wild fluctuations… but they really can surprise me at times. Sure, they have their days when they’re a bit off the mark, but most days I can trust it to be surprisingly accurate.

  9. I watch the early news every day. I pretty much listen to the weatherman every morning. Sometimes their right and sometimes its a miss.

  10. I check the weather everyday and several times a day. Our weather here is always changing. It’s the middle of summer, and we have had 50 degree days!!

  11. I have to say that here in Southwest VA that our weather man usually hits it on the button, but that was not always the case, they now have an updated system and they are doing a great job with it, my husband keeps up with the weather more than I do. Great article.

  12. The weather here has been hot lately, and they have done a pretty good job at predicting that! We have had several “weather alerts” this summer for severe storms. Most of which, passed our small town. The weather is very unpredictable when it wants to be. Right now, I’m hoping for rain. I’m tired of watering my garden twice a day to keep it alive !

  13. i have weather apps on my phone (radar, too) — necessary because i need to know how to dress when out and about, and when i should hang out in a store a bit longer or zoom home before any storm — don’t like walking/biking in the elements and i have no car.

  14. Where I live the weather changes constantly so I am constantly checking the weather sites online from my pc or my phone all day long everyday.

  15. I don’t really pay attention to the weather forecast, because like you said, they are usually dead wrong!! I don’t see a point in prepping, if I’m only going to be lugging around my umbrella and jacket for nothing! If I leave home, and see the sky doesn’t look too great, I just plan around it! Going with the flow is so much easier!

  16. Well, they say there are only two seasons in the Chicago area. Winter. And construction! One thing I’ve noticed lately is that the forecast is changing more frequently than I can remember from before. It’s hard to plan anything because one moment the weather forecast tells us we will have a warm and sunny day, and hours later it changes to cool with rain. So, I’ve just learned to roll with the punches, as they say, and always take a jacket or two with me and have become an expert at layering, so I can add or subtract what I need to adjust to the changes in the weather.

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