Tips on How to Find Good Babysitter

When it comes to taking care of your children, you want the very best. Finding a good babysitter requires an investment of time and energy to ensure that you find someone you can trust with your precious ones. If you are looking for tips to help you find good babysitter, you are at the right place! I have a few 😉

How to Find Good Babysitter

How to Find Good Babysitter

Tip #1- Ask Around for Recommendations

Ask friends and family members for babysitter recommendations. Be sure to ask Facebook friends about babysitters they use. Other places you might ask for recommendations would be your local library, your church, and even your local school.


The website  claims to be the largest and most trusted source for families to find local in-home caregivers quickly and easily. Listings provide information that can help you learn more about the sitter. promises to match the parents with local babysitters and nannies in no time! Worth checking it out for your babysitting needs…

 Tip is another place you can go to with your questions on how to find good babysitter. You can register for FREE here and find the best child care including babysitters, nannies, day care centers, back up care and after school care.

 Tip#4-Contact Local Human Service Office

 Your local human service or public aid office may have lists of babysitters available that can help you find a reputable care giver.

Tip#5-Contact Local Community College

Most community colleges offer early childcare education programs and the students will be looking for babysitting experience for their educational pursuits. Speak with someone in charge of the program at your local community college. They may have a list of students who are looking for child care positions outside of the classroom for extra income and experience.

Tip#6-Allow Potential Babysitters to Meet Your Children

 When you interview potential babysitters, you may wish to have your children present. Even if the kids are not participating in the questions and answers, you can pay attention to any interactions the kids and the sitter have. If the kids are old enough to give you input, they can also let you know what they think of the person you are interviewing after they leave. Remember that your child’s impression of the sitter will be very important. If they don’t like the person, that is a very important reason to not hire that particular sitter.

Tip#7 Try a Trial Run

One way to test out a potential babysitter without making a long-term commitment or leaving your children for several hours is to do a trial run. Hire the potential sitter for an hour while you go to the neighbor’s house, run to the store, or do some projects outside. This gives you an idea of how the sitter will do while you are close by.

 Tip#8 Contact References

Before you hire someone to care for your child, ask for references and make a point of contacting them. Be sure to ask the references if they would hire the person to watch their children or would hire them again.
Finding a good babysitter is very important and finding the right one is worth the time and effort you put into it. Don’t rush and ask plenty of questions of potential sitters. If you have doubts about a particular sitter, go with your gut and don’t hire them.
How to find good babysitter is a question most parents ask often and I hope I was able to provide some insights on the subject.


  1. These are all good points, so far I have only had family watch my children but I know one day I will need to look other places.

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