10 Tips for Fall Allergy Relief For Kids 


Fall allergies are very common in kids and adults. Some allergy symptoms are a  runny nose, sneezing, red irritated eyes, and even congestion and a cough. Depending on the person and how they react to allergies will depend on their symptoms.

Ragweed plays a huge role in Fall allergies, it covers so much of the globe and the pollen isn’t that friendly to allergy sufferers! My son is allergic to pollen and this time of the year, it is really a struggle to keep his allergies at bay. 

Today I want to share some tips for Fall allergy relief for kids.

Below is a variety of options to help protect and bring your child relief from seasonal allergies. These might help bring relief and save you a trip to the doctor’s office.

10 Tips for Fall Allergy Relief For Kids    

Fall Allergy relief tips for kids  

1. Stay Indoors 

Ragweed pollen and dust are two big factors in Fall allergies. Make sure to try and avoid allergens when you can. Stay indoors around mid-morning, that is when pollen peaks, and even on really windy days. 

 2. Buy A Dehumidifier

Consider buying a dehumidifier, if your child is sensitive to dust or mould. This will help eliminate it and allow your child to breathe easier while they are in the home. 

3. Wash Hands 

Make sure your kids are washing their hands frequently. Pollen and even germs get stuck on the hands and can make their allergies flare. Teach them to properly wash their hands throughout the day to minimize exposure, plus it is great for all the germs that are floating around. 

4. Steam From A Warm Shower 

If your child is old enough let them take a nice warm shower. Or even stand in the bathroom with the hot water running in the shower to create steam, it can be soothing for allergy sufferers. 

5. Saline Rinse 

They make saline rinses for adults and special ones for kids. You can try giving this a go to see if it helps relieve any pressure from your child’s allergies. 

6. Bathe Before Bed 

Have your child bathe before bed, to be nice and clean before they hit the sheets. This will help remove some of the allergens that may have been collected on their clothes, hair, and body throughout the day. 

7. Air Purifier

You can buy air purifiers and place in your child’s room or even in the main living room area of your home. This is a great way to reduce allergies in the home, that might come in off you or your pets and even air vents. 

8. Warm or Cool Compress 

Depending on your child try a warm or cool compress on their cheeks or even forehead. It can offer some relief from the pressure and itchy eyes. You can do a cold compress to lay over the eyes when they are puffy and itchy. Use a warm to place under your eyes on cheeks, to help release some pressure. 

9.Dust Mite Covers 

Washing bedding helps, but using dust mite covers for your pillows and mattress will help block allergens from sticking to the surface of your bed! 

10. Seek The Doctor 

When all else fails and your child is still suffering, seek medical advice. They may need to be put on a medicine to help eliminate their symptoms. 

Hopefully, this post might help you put together a plan of action to protect your kiddos from seasonal allergies. Have a tip to share? Go ahead and put them on comments 🙂

Happy Fall!




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