Tips For Saving Money on Toys

Most every person I know had a favorite toy as a kid. Many had more than one, but everyone seemed to have at least one memorable toy. Unless you were loaded with cash, toys were treats that came along only on occasions like Christmas or birthdays. But what do you do if you continue to love toys?Even some adults love toys! What about them?

 Does your saving money habit (if you are into it, that is) could take a hit while affording such luxuries?

Can you still enjoy toys without spending a fortune?

 Thankfully, you can. Here are some awesome tips for saving money on toys for kids of all ages  ๐Ÿ™‚

Tips for Saving Money on Toys

Tips for Saving Money on Toys


 Embrace the gently used generation

Used toys are one fantastic way to cut your spending habits and most kids are perfectly happy with them. Don’t buy toys that are messed up or worn out, but certainly take in the ones that have plenty of life left. These can be acquired from family members, friends and extended networks.

 Keep an eye out for clearance sales

An awesome way of saving money on toys is by making use of  sales! Toys are awesome when they are dirt cheap and clearance sales go on all the time. Spend some time searching out the bargains by visiting your favorite toy stores and big box retailers. Go around the toy section and check all tags that are different in color or size. These are often closeouts or special bargains. Ask an employee how they mark their clearance items to save time.

 Head out to the local thrift store

Nothing beats finding a great toy at thrift store prices. Granted, you have to dig through some junk to find your diamonds, but that is kind of the point, right?  If you have an eye for what you are looking for, you can search a thrift store in a few minutes. Keep your eyes open and you will find some awesome toys for great prices no matter your age group you are buying for.

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 Send out some good toy karma

Early on you should teach your kids that sharing is a huge deal. Have them regularly go through their toys to pick out ones that are no longer used or past their age group. Make sure you explain that they need to keep their toys in great shape. Have your kid come with you to the local charity where they themselves can turn their toys in. Not only will you be putting good karma out there, you will also be teaching your kids a very important lesson. This in turn will help in saving money on toys for many other parents out there as well.

 Use the power of the Internet

Yet another way of saving money on toys is through internet! Whether it is on Ebay, Craigslist or simply surfing the forums and retail shops, the Internet is the ultimate resource for toy hunters. You can find virtually anything for trade or for sale if you search for it and this can save you a ton of cash. When you buy from an online retailer, you are commonly cutting out the middleman and saving some dollars. Use the power of your computer and you can find bargains to blow your mind.

 Hit up the yard sales and flea markets in your area 

Some of the greatest toy deals in the world are found right up the street at the local yard sales. The great thing about yard sales is that you can get things for hardly anything. People often want to simply clear out space. Flea markets are the same way, but your costs are usually a little bit higher.

All of these simple tips for saving money can help you to score toys for a lifetime. From your kids to your own eclectic tastes, toys can be had for pennies on the dollar.



  1. Yard sales and flea markets are great for toy finds. I just wish the thrift stores around here has more stuff- it’s always picked over with stuff missing. Great list. I love going on for deals. Prime shipping is great to have too.

  2. With 3 kids I am always looking for a deal on toys. Living right across the street from a Target has its advantages. They always have clearanced toys so I pick them up then and save as the year goes on.

  3. My favourite toy as a child was a soft cuddly bee – it went everywhere with me. I have to admit I wouldn’t know where to start with buying toys myself. x

  4. We love yard sales for new toys. Especially puzzles. I love that most people around here sell theirs for 25ยข each, when they charge over $10 for them new in the stores. Barbies are usually under $1 too!

  5. Saving money is right up my alley! These are all great tips! Speaking of the internet, at holiday time, definitely watch Amazon. They have AH-MAZING toy deals. I always save at least 75% on everything I buy there for Christmas, but you have to watch the prices, because they change quickly!

  6. Fantastic tips! Toys are something we don’t want to have to spend a lot of money. You can always find fantastic clearance deals all the time. Target is one of our favourite stores for this!

  7. I don’t do yard sales or flea markets but I always head to the clearance aisle whenever I go to Target or Walmart. I also have my cellphone and compare their prices to Amazon. If they’re cheaper, I usually buy, if not then I purchase from Amazon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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