Top 10 Needs for Every Touring Artist

International touring musician and NYC-based Singer-Songwriter Stephen Babcock is familiar with life on the road, having toured the East Coast and the UK.

The Top 10 Needs for Every Touring ArtistHe has written a great article called the Top 10 Needs for Every Touring Artist. I think the points shared by him is very beneficial to know if you are a travelling artist.

Here are some of the highlights:

1.Invest in your case

It is imperative to have a solid instrument case! Go for hard cases for your equipment- be it guitar, bass, drums etc-so that it stay safe while you and your band pack into the car and hit the road.  Also, make sure that it is light to carry.Most musicians travel by themselves without much assistance so it is important to ensure its safety as well.

2. Don’t Leave Home Without a Reliable Ride (+ Map or GPS)

Depending on the size of your band, transportation can range from a small car to a mini-van, to a full on 15-passenger van. Make sure you keep the car stocked with a portable air pump, tire iron, and a spare tire, in case trouble strikes, and get the most reliable ride you can afford. Also consider signing up for AAA travel services—they’ll meet you anywhere and can usually get you back on the road in minutes.

3. Pack Some Snacks

It is a known fact that travelling makes you hungry. If you’re trying to get from point A to point B without time to spare between shows, it always helps to have some snacks in the car to tide you over.

To read more about  the essentials every touring artist needs to know, please visit the TuneCore blog.

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