Top 3 High-Protein Snacks To Eat Throughout The Day

Protein is an essential nutrient that’s found throughout our bodies. Our muscles are made from this, and it plays a critical role in building new muscle and helping you recover every day. If you often have sore muscles after walking a lot or lifting things at work, the chances are you don’t get enough protein in your diet. 

Furthermore, protein is helpful as it keeps us satiated. High-protein meals and snacks keep you fuller for longer, reducing the need to keep eating and filling your body with extra calories. So, from a weight management perspective, protein is crucial. 

Speaking of protein snacks, today’s post we will look at three of the best things you can nibble on throughout the day to curb your hunger without eating too many calories!


Beef jerky can be a wonderful daily snack. It is packed full of protein and loads of other essential minerals, such as: 


  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate
  • Phosphorous


The high protein content means you feel nice and full after just a small handful. It’s also relatively low in fat and calories. Funnily enough, one of the best things about jerky is that it’s super chewy. When something is chewy and takes a long time to eat, it tends to satisfy your hunger cravings more effectively. It’s easy to get your hands on, and this company does a wide variety of options and flavours. As with all snacks, eat this in moderation – it can be high in sodium if you eat too much. 

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Any type of nuts will be excellent to snack on during the day. Nuts are very nutritious and contain a high protein content with good fats. These two things combine to make a handful of nuts a lot more filling than you’d think. 


The great thing about nuts is you can get plain ones that haven’t been coated in salt. This means you tend to see the benefits of nuts as a protein source without the downside of high salt content. 

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Greek Yogurt


If you need something to eat with your lunch or between meals to keep you full for a fairly long time, Greek yoghurt is a phenomenal idea. All yoghurt is high in protein, but Greek yoghurt has way more protein than most. It’s a lot thicker, so that’s probably why, and this is also why it fills you up. 


Have a small pot of Greek yoghurt and you can add other things to make it even more nutritious. Walnuts and honey go really well with Greek yoghurt and provide more protein. Or, you can add a sprinkling of granola. Be careful not to go overboard with toppings as it might make the yoghurt slightly too high in calories. 

Adding high-protein snacks to your diet can stop you from feeling hungry all the time. This provides a massive mood boost as you aren’t grumbling and complaining about needing to eat. It can also work wonders for managing your weight by stopping unhealthy snacking during the day. Lots of healthy, high-protein snacks exist, but these three are the best.

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