Top Five Tips For Moving House With Kids


Moving house is stressful enough for the adults in the family. While having a new home to go, a move means a lot to do, and a lot of tiring work. You might have a move well-planned for you, but how does a move impact children? For kids, moving can be upsetting, confusing, and overwhelming. They feel worried about leaving their old home and be scared by the strange people and all the noise in the house. Here’s how to make a move easier on children.


Top Five Tips For Moving House With Kids


Top 5 Tips for Moving Houses with Kids


1. Talk to them.


One of the main reasons children get upset about moving day is not really understanding what it is going on. There’s a lot of noise and activity, and there might be strange people going in and out from the moving companies. The best way to ease their worries is to talk to them about it. A few days before, sit down with them and explain clearly what will happen and what you need them to do. 


 2. Keep them out of the way.


For very young children, it’s best not to have them with you on moving day. Send them to stay with the grandparents for the night, so you can get the move down without worrying about where they are or what they’re doing. When you’re safely at the other end, go and pick them up. You could wait till their new bedroom is unpacked, so they can go straight to it and feel at home. 


3. Pack a special box.


Many people pack a box of essentials for the family with things like mugs, loo roll, and phone chargers, but pack a special box for the children too. This box can include a few favorite items to help them feel normal and to keep them busy while you’re moving. Put in a favorite toy, and some items like coloring books, or other toys that don’t need much space to play with. They can use these in the car on the way to the new house, or find a quiet corner while you’re carrying furniture about. Include some snacks they’re not usually allowed, and they’re sure to feel much better. 


4. Get them excited.


Kids might be upset about leaving the old house, so help them to feel excited about the new home. You could so this by getting them excited about their new bedroom. Get them involved in deciding how their new bedroom will be. Even very young children can have an opinion on wall color, and older children can help you decide where all their furniture will go. Getting to decide will help them to feel more excited about the new house, and more at home. 


5. Ease their fears.


If you’re moving far, they might be frightened of starting a new school, and sad about leaving their friends behind. Talk to them about their worries, and arrange some compromises to help them settle. For example, plan a date to go back and see old friends so they know they can stay in touch.



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