Top 10 Holiday Stress Relief Tips for Parents

The holidays are fast approaching and whilst this is a great and exciting time, many parents are presented with specific parenting challenges and great ‘holiday stress‘. You want your kids to have fun and enjoy themselves but still keep good behavior.


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Today I am sharing my top 10 holiday stress relief tips on how you can successfully parent your kids during this time of the year and still find time to enjoy yourselves as well.


Top 10 Holiday Stress Relief Tips for Parents


Top 10 Holiday Stress Relief Tips for Parents


  1. The joy of gifts


You can have your kids enjoy the joy of gifts that you present to them during this holiday period. It does not matter what kind of gift you are offering them but how you present it to them. Wrap these gifts well and observe as your kids unwrap them anxiously to reveal these gifts. The process is very intriguing and exciting for the kid and it will give you a great moment to connect.


2.  Let the kids eat their Christmas candies


There will be a lot of candies for the kids during this season. Naturally, you will want to be protective of them and limit how they eat these candies. I would suggest you ease down on that during this season. Let them have some fun. It will be alright.


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3.  Decorate with safety in mind


When you buy the Christmas tree and place it in your living room, you will need to decorate the same. Do so with your kids’ safety in mind. Toddlers, in particular, tend to be pretty clumsy and their curiosity will push them to eat these decorations. You do not want emergencies during the holiday season. Decorate the upper portion of the tree and leave the lower portion bare.


4.  Be patient with the kids


Sometimes stress gets the best of us. We can all agree on that. But with that in mind, try to be more intentional with your Self in finding that calm center. You need to be flexible and patient with your kids during this holiday season. Remember that there is nothing like a perfect holiday and hence you will need to put forward your best self and show understanding in trying times.


5.  Let them make and keep memories


Let the kids be kids as they make beautiful memories during this holiday period. Give them cameras and let them document the activities they engage in. A few years from now, you will look at those pictures and relive the moments spent with family with fondness and love.  Treasure box worthy! Don’t you think?


6.  Teach them a family tradition


Every family has a specific holiday tradition. This is the perfect moment to teach your kids what this tradition is.


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7. Do not be afraid to say No


Do not grant the kids everything they ask for. Learn how to say no to some demands and be firm about it.


8. Teach the kids how to be generous


Generosity and gratitude are very important virtues that you need to instill into your kids. What better time to do this than during this holiday season?


9. Have a family meeting


It’s important to have a family meeting during this season and share responsibilities and figure out activities that you will undertake during the holiday season.


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10. Relax the house rules a bit


Do not be too strict during this holiday season. Let the kids have some fun without you being on their case all the time. They can stay up late a little bit during this holiday season.  


Holidays present so many challenges to the parents. There is a lot of excitement in the air, kids are restless and there is just too much to do. It is easy to lose your sanity and patience as a parent and that is why this article offers some top parenting holiday stress relief tips to enable you to enjoy your holiday and keep the kids in check as well.


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So what say you? All set for the holidays? 🙂




  1. This is really awesome. I guess the part I didn’t do well was saying No. Agreeing to everything really spoilt things but the truth is how do you say No to your kids. I feel they have a right to whatever they ask?

  2. You have the right solution here. It’s been hell having my three guys and princess at home. I have to satisfy all. Thanks for sharing this.

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