Unique Gift Ideas from Ten Thousand Villages Canada

Recently, I got an opportunity to work with Ten Thousand Villages Canada.

Those who are not familiar, Ten Thousand Villages is a non profit program and is the world’s largest and oldest Fair Trade Organization.They sell personal accessories, home decor and gift items carefully crafted by artisans from around the globe!

Ten Thousand Villages  Canada
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Providing opportunities for artisans from developing countries to earn livelihood by bringing their products and stories to the world market is what Ten Thousand Villages do, in a nutshell.

Wondering what “Fair Trade” is?

By means of Fair Trade, artisans of developing countries get a chance to build a sustainable future.They sell their products to consumers around the world through Fair Trade Organizations like Ten Thousand Villages Canada and in return, gain a fair value for their work.The artisans and the tradesmen earns dignity, respect and hope for their labor thus building a healthy relationship between them and Ten Thousand Villages partners!

For reasons mentioned above, I was excited to partner with Ten Thousand Villages Canada! Though I have heard of them, this was the first time I was able to try out their products. I received a beautiful scarf made by the local artisans of India and a pair of cool ear rings from Kenya! I loved the detail in the scarf and could immediately see the care and love with which it was made by a talented person from another corner of the world…  How awesome is that?

I am so in love with these gorgeous personal accessories right now.I will just keep them as my Christmas gifts to myself 😉

Unique Gift Ideas from Ten Thousand Villages Canada

Oh, and did I mention the card? So, I also got a handmade card from India and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!It is a colorful painting and I simply adore it… What is truly surprising and humbling about this card is the fact that it was made my a blind or deaf or a physically disabled artisan! It is true that the power of true art has no bounds. Incredible!

Okay, let’s not forget our holiday shopping here people! Ten Thousand Villages fair trade products will truly make a unique gift to someone special on your list. Why not browse around the store and see what else is there? You might get pleasantly surprised if you can squeeze in everyone’s gifts on your list from the villages around the world gathered at one place… Easy as pie!

Thank me later, go do your shopping NOW 🙂

*****Disclosure:I received free product(s) to facilitate a review. Opinions expressed here are honest****

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