Valentines Day Craft Idea- Heart Pop-Up Card


It is not every day I get to introduce one of my family members on a professional level in this space. And when an opportunity comes along, nothing makes me happier than showing off a gem from my homestead to the world and making a proper introduction here at the blog!

Ria is my cousin and a gifted crafter. She has an incredible presence on Youtube where she shares her passion for simple crafts made with everyday materials.Her channel, Crafts by Ria showcases paper crafts, tissue paper crafts and origami tutorials among other things.



Did I mention they are beautiful? Hey, I am not biased in my opinion since she is my cousin and all but I can’t help comment on a good talent when I see one. And Crafts by Ria certainly fits the bill. If DIY and crafting is your thing I recommend Crafts by Ria. She is also starting a blog shortly to house her ever-growing stash of crafts, and I am understandably excited about it!

Ria was kind enough to share a Valentines Day craft idea, Heart Pop Up card tutorial with my readers.  Just in time for the special day!  This cute craft is quite inexpensive and easy to make with mostly staple supplies. Have a look below and learn how you can make a beautiful Valentines Day Heart Pop-Up card for your loved ones.

Also get the full tutorial on Youtube if you are a visual learner!



Valentines Day Craft Idea- Heart Pop-Up Card

Valentines day craft idea

Supplies needed

  1. Red Card stock paper (22 x 11 cm)
  2. White paper (22 x 11 cm)
  3. White square paper (11 x 11 cm)
  4. Three red square papers (8 x 8 cm, 7 x 7 cm, 7 x 7 cm)
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue stick
  8. Hot Glue gun
  9. Decorative stickers
  10. White ribbon


1.Apply glue all over one side of the red card stock paper and stick the white paper (22x 11 cm) over it. Fold it in half. Use the white square paper (11 x 11 cm) to make a heart-shaped template and place it over the folded card to cut a heart-shape out of the card.

Valentines day craft idea


2. Fold the three red square papers diagonally and draw one side of a heart on each of them with a small line connecting it to the diagonal crease.

Valentines Day craft idea


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3. Cut each of them along this line and unfold them. Now, draw a small line (approx. 1 cm) through the middle crease from the top and connect it to the right side to form a small triangle shape and cut it off.

Valentines day craft idea


4. Apply glue over the small triangle left at the top and bring the right wing of the heart towards it and stick over it. Do it for all the three. Now connect all the three together and stick it inside the card. Make sure you leave some space from the center crease of the card.

Valentines day craft idea

5. Apply glue on its top and close the card. Press it firmly so that it sticks well.

Open the card and you are left with a beautiful pop-up card! 

Add some decorative stickers and stick a ribbon using the hot glue gun. You know, so you can make it prettier 🙂 

Valentines Day craft idea- Heart Pop Up card


Did you like Ria’s Valentines’ Day craft idea? If yes, why not pop by her channel and subscribe for more of these tutorials.

Happy Valentines Day friends!

Valentines day craft idea


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