My Views on Shopoholic to the Stars

I am almost done reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest Shopoholic adventure book, Shopoholic to the Stars.

Shopoholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella
Image Courtesy: Sophie Kinsella’s Official Page

So far ,its been going good. Rebecca Brandon, the heroine, is doing her thing, again. This time, Becky  is in Hollywood and she is trying to break into the movie industry by becoming a celebrity stylist. And boy, its been a quite a ride so far! Shopoholic to the Stars has all the elements of a typical “Shopoholic book” and I am enjoying every page on it 🙂

Mean time, check out this video on You Tube where I show off Sophie Kinsella’ autograph when I met her at the book signing event about two weeks ago!

Have fun watching 🙂


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