Vintage Party Games

Love vintage? Me too!

In fact, vintage party games are going to make your next event tons of fun.  Instead of the newest hot game out in the market, pull out some classics to have fun at your next party, get together or event.

Following vintage party games I compiled are perfect for kids, adults and a great mixture of families.  Not only can they be used in birthday parties, but they can even be pulled out for your next neighborhood barbecue.

Vintage Party Games


  Nothing is more fun than this brightly colored game of flexibility.  Best for kids because they will have tons of fun giggling, stretching and squeezing into unlikely positions that most adults just aren’t flexible enough to manage anymore.  It’s a super fun way to get over fear or being shy around others.


  This classic vintage party game is a perfect choice for a party that includes lots of music.  Dance under the limbo stick and have fun seeing who can go lowest of the bunch.  Another great game that is perfect for all ages, not just kids or adults.


Take the time to write out a bunch of different animals, movies, television shows and people and put into a bowl.  Divide into groups and let each team take turns trying to see who can guess first.  This vintage party game is a great way for kids to have fun showing off their acting skills, while parents laugh about their favorite movies from childhood.

Bobbing For Apples

This fun party game is one that doesn’t get spoken of very often.  It’s traditional for fall or Halloween parties, but is great or any party.  A large tub full of water and apples (or any fruit or item that would float) is set up and people take turns trying to grab them using only their teeth.  It’s great for laughs, and of course getting a little wet and messy.

Simon Says

Nothing is more hilarious than a room full of adults trying to remember how to listen for the “Simon Says” instruction to be given.  So many will forget and do what is said whether they have been told “Simon Says” before or not.


This old school game is a great way to spend an hour of laughter at your next party. With tons of printable BINGO sheets available online, as well as traditional versions in store you can easily enjoy hours of fun at your next party playing BINGO.

These vintage party games are perfect for your upcoming fun birthday party, dinner party or family gathering.  Focus on your favorite foods and decorations and enjoy these simple games for hours of easy vintage fun.

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