Waters Untrodden

Hope you all had a great weekend! And yes, weekend fly by and the work week basically tend to drag slowly, don’t you think? Its true if you ask me. Not that I am complaining now since being on mat leave and all… But I have experience…let’s just say that. We had a quiet Saturday and Sunday.
 No scratch that. If you count Kevin’s tantrums for reasons unknown and Krista’s solid food experiments, then I will just have to call it an adventurous weekend! Plus my husband and I are doing some furniture shopping for our house, specially the living room furniture which we haven’t get around to buying even after moving into this house four years ago. Yeah, adventurous and hectic.
                                           This week, I am going to do some research and calling around to find a  good daycare for Kevin to go to once I go back to work, I have a few in mind already. I am very apprehensive about the whole thing as I would not be there with Kevin once he start daycare. I feel guilty as well to leave him behind for work. Krista will be taken care of my Mom in law so a little less worry there. All the more reason to work at home so that the kids will be with me. But those are waters untrodden for me and I am not sure if it will work at all. Soon, the time will come to act and I don’t know I will be ready. The big decision making time!
                              Weather is getting a chilly around here with Winter right around the corner. The flue season is also getting ready to make some rounds so please be sure to take your flue shots Girls and Boys! Kevin will get his first shot this year, YAY! He has constant cold and eczema due to some allergies I am still trying to figure out. His pedeatrician said that the earliest he can take an allergy test is when he is four and half. I think it is a bit late for the test as he might be eating things or doing things which is not good for him and I have to wait one and half years more to find out?? Well, so I am doing this elimination procedure on him which is basically trying out food items individually and see his reaction. I have already figured out some items are allergic to him..like, Indian cooking spices, tomatoe sauce etc. We also figured plain yogurt is good for him to keep his “cold” fit under check. He started taking some calicum and drinking lots of water which helps with his skin flaring up. So over all, its not too bad.
                                              So far, Krista is doing okay. Thank God for that! I wonder if you have some allergy stories of your kids to share with me if you had to deal with that. Also, any precuations you meted out could be helpful to me too. You know, knowledge is power! 
Keep up your smiles untill next time!                                          

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