Ways to Cut Your Grocery Spending


We all have to eat to survive and sometimes cutting down the spending on groceries can be hard. So below are some simple tips on how to cut your spending on groceries. You can cut your grocery bill without sacrificing your favorite meals, it just takes a little pre-shopping planning! After awhile of following these steps you will soon feel like it is second nature.

Cutting Down on Your Grocery Shopping Spending 

Ways to cut down your grocery shopping

Shopping Reward Programs for Stores

 A lot of local grocery stores now have shopper reward cards. For example No Frills allow you to sign up for their PC points rewards card for free, and by doing that you get to accumulate points on groceries they sell. They have special sales each week, it is a great way to get more points. Most stores now have them so take a minute and sign up, they are all normally free. Plus some stores will randomly send coupons to you that you can take advantage of. They also offer digital coupons, which saves you  some money too. 

Buy Bulk

 Now listen to this one carefully, if you have some favorite items you use often think about buying in bulk. It will help shave some money off your grocery bill in the long run. If you find larger packages of meat, buy them and then seal them up in freezer bags to fit how much you would use for a meal. If you find items you love on sale make sure to buy a few of them, so you have them at a discounted price instead of paying full price. Items like ketchup, baked beans, and so on go on sale really great around Memorial day, Fourth of July and Labor day. You can freeze items that need it and store the rest in the pantry. 

Base Meals Around Sales

 Make sure to look online or grab the paper to look at the ads for that week. You will see what kind of meats are on sale and you can base meals around what is on sale. This is a great way to save money. You can also buy the fruits and veggies that are on sale, and this is a great way to switch up foods in the house for a new variety. 

Buy Generics

 Did you know most generics you can’t even taste a difference between the name brand? Buying generics is a great way to save 100 to 200 percent on groceries. Instead of paying double for a jar of spaghetti sauce why not try the generic. Now some products you might find that you prefer the name brand, but I do recommend at least trying the generics to see if you can do some saving and switch to generics. You might be shocked at how good they are. 

Eat in Courses

Proteins are the most expensive part of shopping in most homes. Try serving your meals in courses, so that you can start with a soup or salad, allow them to eat more without chowing down on just the protein portion. You can buy a head of lettuce for $1-$3 depending on where you live. This will help everyone to get full and have a healthy meal. 

Pinterest for Recipes

 If you are not on Pinterest, you need to check it out. You can search budget friendly meals, affordable meals, or however you want to word it. You will find great dishes to create that don’t cost much at all to make. It is a neat way to try out new meals and not break the bank.


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