Simple Ways To Preserve Your Cherished Family Memories


How many times have you asked yourself the following question?


Just where did time go?


It doesn’t stand still, and sometimes time seems very fleeting indeed. Our children grow up fast; and for this reason, it’s important to preserve as many memories as you can. You can then look back and remember the happy times you had with your children when they were young; those days before they became adults and had children of their own.



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In this article, we are going to list some of the ways you can preserve those cherished family members, but before we do, remember this. To preserve memories, you have to create them in the first place. No matter how old your children are, spend quality time with them. We have some ideas here on how to do this, so take a look. It’s easy to overlook this quality time, especially when you and your children live busy lives, but busyness should never come at the expense of the people who matter the most; your family.


Simple Ways to Preserve your Cherished Family Memories.


how to make family memories


1. Start a blog


There are loads of family blogs online including Yours Truly. Well, Momless Mom was at one point a Parenting blog but now has evolved into a Wellness and Personal Growth blog for Women.  My blog being out of the equation doesn’t mean there is a scarcity of family and parenting blogs. In fact, every day thousands of new sites are born of its kind online. And it is nice too,  with parents around the world sharing their happy family memories for people near and far to see. Through words and pictures, they chronicle the lives of their families, and sometimes share tips and advice for their readers too. You could do the same, using a free website builder such as Wix or Weebly to get something online. You might want to include video too, perhaps with film clips, you have taken with your smartphone, or straight to camera musings about the thoughts you want to share about your family. The following article on how to edit and how to record video on Mac will help you do this. And because the internet isn’t going to go anywhere soon, your blog will stand the test of time and be online for as long as you want it to be. A perfect place to go to when you want to remember your happiest family memories.


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2. Fill a Memory Box


Whether you buy a box from your local store or make your own memory box, ensure it’s big enough to hold items that will trigger precious memories later on. As examples, you might add photos of your children at various stages of their life, report cards, birthday and Christmas cards, holiday mementos, toys, cinema tickets (from their first movie), children’s books, and more. These are the items you can hold in your hand; those things that will give you cause to look back on happy memories of times gone by. You might even gather your family around you, to talk and reminisce about those special days you had together.


3. Keep a Journal


Yep, this is the 775th time I am talking about journaling and how it is therapy. But it can also be a keepsake for all those precious family memories that you would always want to remember.

A journal can be as personal as you like, and especially useful for those thoughts you don’t want to share online with others. You can write about anything you like, and in the context of this article, it should include times spent with your family. Write about what you do together, include your thoughts and feelings, and chronicle memorable quotes from yourself, your partner, or your children. And rather than doing what many of us do, and that is writing into a journal just before going to bed, keep it with you during the day. This way, you can write down any thoughts and quotes as they happen, rather than run the risk of forgetting them before the close of day.



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Time moves on, but memories can linger forever. By using these suggestions, you can look back on days gone by and remember with joy and gladness those wonderful times you spent with your family. Let me know what you think, and if you have found other ways to preserve your cherished family memories, please share your ideas. Coz, like I say sharing is caring 🙂 


xoxo mama


Simple Ways To Preserve Your Cherished Family Memories

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