What It’s Like to Meet Author Sophie Kinsella in Person…

Last week, I check marked one of the items on my bucket list!

For those who don’t know me very well- Yes, I do have a bucket list and I have 100 plus items on it that needs attention at any given time. But I gotta admit, completing an item from my list requires great deal of perseverance, courage, sense of adventure and daring to do the impossible. And get this- Chance and Luck plays an important role too!

Like this incident that led to striking off an item from my list with great flourish-I met Sophie Kinsella, one of my favorite authors of all times! Yes, It was a great experience , one that I would remember forever. Sophie did a North American tour recently and one of her stops were at Indigo Book Store at Richmond Hill. When I learned about this from her Face Book fan page, I knew I had to meet her! Why else would she be here? For God’s sake, she lives all the way in Britain!

Sophie Kinsella Author

If Sophie is going to be in my neighborhood (Not exactly…as Richmond Hill is about an hour away from my house if I take Highway) she is not going to leave without seeing me..err…okay, scratch that! She is not leaving without me seeing her first!

Sophie was doing a promotional tour for her latest book in the acclaimed Shopoholic series (I have read them all, by the way 🙂 ),Shopoholic to the Stars and she will be spending time with her fans at the book signing event at Richmond Hill. The event starts at 7 in the evening and off I went to meet her accompanied by my friend, Vanessa.

Sophie Kinsella Author

A word about Vanessa. She is my friend and co-worker. She is a very talented lady and runs a few blogs of her own. If anyone could understand the importance of what it means to me if I could meet Sophie, it would be her! I rode shot gun with Vanessa and she got us to the book store on time. Indigo was crowded with Sophie’s fans and I felt belonged as soon as I stepped into the store.

We all are here with one goal in mind. Meet our favorite author, Sophie Kinsella and possibly say to her a word or two and get that precious autograph while we are at it! As I walked to the back of the store where I was told Sophie is signing  books, I could literally hear my heart beating loud and fast…I am this close to laying my eyes on her. I am going to see Sophie in flesh and blood for the first time even though it feels like I have known her forever…

Sophie always had this uncanny ability to make me laugh out loud when I feel low at times. She had this rare antidote to lift up my spirits from the darkest dungeon like no other. I can recall countless times when I burst out with laughter, while reading one of her books (Shopoholic series or any of her stand alone books for that matter) thereby attracting attention in public.

Anyways, back to the present, back to Indigo.. I am almost there..I can see this big crowd hovering around and I can just feel Sophie right now.. her larger than life self, her spirit and her vibrancy. And there she was, my dearest author, Sophie Kinsella sitting down in the company of her fans,signing books one after another, ever so patiently while smiling benevolently around.

God, this is heaven! I could just stay here forever watching her. The blood pumped through my veins and I could sense it. Is that weird? Is it even possible to hear the sound of blood moving fast like that? I was all too aware of everything. It was almost like I suddenly got gifted with heightened sensory perceptions. I could clearly hear people talking around me even though they were whispering.

“Gosh, she looks so beautiful. Just like in her pictures.”

“I hope I can talk to her for at least a minute”-another one says.

“Look at her outfit! It is to die for. Just like Becky would wear in the Shopoholic books”. Yeah, I agree with that! Sophie was wearing a red shirt and black skirt. I couldn’t see her skirt very well as she was sitting down the whole time.She looks just fab!

My turn came and I moved up to where Sophie was sitting. I have business to do. To get Sophie’s autograph on the books I had with me- I’ve Got your Number and of course, Sophie’s latest, Shopoholic to the Stars.

Sophie Kinsella Author

Sophie looked up at me and smiled- “Hello! How are you?”

I say- “Hi Sophie!” (I had a quiver in my voice, may be). “I am fab now that I met you!”

The store assistants were pushing my books toward Sophie to be autographed.

Before I go into trance, I had to get it out- “I am a big fan of yours Sophie. I have read all your books.” Sophie smiled very kindly to me. And I added a bit hysterically(?)- “But I am sure you have heard that a million times already this evening?”That got a laugh and I adored her more!

I need to ask one more question before my five minutes is over. “When is Becky’s (The heroine of Shopoholic series) next book coming out?”

Sophie finished autographing my books and slid them back to me and said. “I am actually in the middle of it and you will be reading that one too very soon”. She added “Thank you for coming out to see me”.

I gushed “Thank you for visiting your fans in Canada Sophie. Hope to see you  again”. And I crossed my fingers in the back just like Becky would.

Here is to hoping I would see Sophie again.. This time, not for my bucket list as “Meeting Sophie Kinsella in person” was already crossed off.


  1. I have read some of her Shopaholic series, but I just saw the newest one at Target and I need to buy it. I’d love to meet her in person! She seems like she’d be fabulous. 🙂

  2. She sounds like such a lovely woman! I am glad you were able to meet her in person. I haven’t heard of her before now, but will go look up some of her books to add to my read list.

  3. Sounds like an awesome opportunity!! Id love to make a bucket list for a few items as well.It must be such a accomplished feeling to get to cross things off you have always wanted to do.

  4. There are couple of author’s I would love to meet in person and thank them for the many hours of pleasurable reading they have given me! I am so happy for you that you got to actually meet your all time favorite author in person!

  5. That is awesome. I have enjoyed a few of her novels. My favorite author has been Stephen King since I was a kid. He doesn’t do too many book tours , so I dont think I’ll get meeting him knocked off a bucket list.

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