What You Need to Know about Child Support in Canada


When a couple separate and or divorce and they have children it can be very difficult. The parents go through an emotional adjustment and the children also go through the same. However, regardless  the situation both parents are legally obligated to support the children financially.


What You Need to Know about Child Support in Canada


Child Support in CanadaThe principles that govern child care and support are different in every country. However, in Canada, there are certain things that you need to know in order to navigate this sometimes contentious road. Once you know the facts and follow them you will not end up in conflict with your former spouse.


How Much Child Support Will You Pay or Receive?


This is the number one question that many parents ask when they are told about child support. They want to know how much they will have to pay or they want to know how much they will receive. 


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The amount of child support that you pay is calculated based on the income, living arrangements for the children, the number of children involved, and the province in which the parents live.


 Other things that are taken into consideration are the parent’s gross income for the year, the cost of living, the average amount that families with the same number of children pay in that province.


Creating the Agreement


A child support agreement can be done between the parents out of court or it may be done in court by a legal ruling. It is not mandatory that you get a lawyer to draft up a child support agreement outside of court, especially if you are on amicable terms with your ex-partner. 


However, it is always good to draw up a contract with the help of a family law lawyer because the nature of the relationship between exes can quickly change sometimes. Acceptable amounts for child support can easily be found on the Department of Justice’s website.


If a judge decides on the child support that parents should pay it will be determined by the rules that have been set up by Canadian guidelines and also the province. However, the judge will often use specific guidelines based on the current financial situation of the parents.


Abiding by a Child Support Order


Abiding by a child support order is something that parents must try their best to do. Not only is it for the benefit of the children but it is an obligation that must be fulfilled. Failure to do so will put you outside of the law.


 If you are currently going through hardships that make it difficult for you to keep up with your child support payments it is best to advise the court of this, so that your child support payments can be reduced or waived until things become better for you.


Support Your Children


Separation or divorce is hard on parents and on kids as well. Let’s wait to get them through it is to ensure that they have everything that they need both emotionally and materially.



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