Winter Wonderland Decorating Ideas

With the popularity of certain winter themed movies in the last few years, these winter wonderland decorating ideas are going to be perfect for your next birthday party event.   Winter themed parties are a great break from the heat of summer.  With winter themes abounding, you’ll have plenty of options to make your winter wonderland perfect for everyone.

Winter Wonderland Decorating Ideas

Use pillow stuffing for snow

 Go to your craft store and grab bags of pillow stuffing to create beautiful fluffy snow to make your home look like a winter wonderland.  Stage it around corners to look like big fluffy peaks of snow in your home.

Use white and blue paper on the walls

  Put white or blue paper on the walls to make it look more like a scene from an ice castle of your favorite winter movie.  

String snowflakes from the ceilings

Let your kids help you cut out blue, silver and white snowflakes form craft paper.  Use glitter spray to make them sparkle.  String them up using fishing line and paper clips or push pins in your ceiling.  

Use glitter spray on the paper walls

  Spray glitter is perfect for making everything sparkle.  From tablecloths to paper on the walls and the homemade snowflakes.  You’ll love the bright glittery effect when the light shines on the walls.

Serve cupcakes with edible glitter


Edible glitter is a great way to dress up your party treats to shine and sparkle like they are in a snow filled land.  Blue, silver and white crystals are perfect for sprinkling on top of cakes, cookies and cupcakes. This will brighten up the treat table and make for a beautiful display.

String white Christmas lights around the room

  To give it that sparkly ball look, string white icicle lights around the room. Hand them from the ceiling, around ceiling fans and in the corners.

White tulle is a perfect decoration item 
  From making fun wreaths, to hanging on the back of chairs or at entry ways, white and light blue tulle is the perfect winter wonderland decorating idea.  It is soft, billowy and an excellent choice for keeping things in theme throughout the party area.

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Paint Styrofoam balls and hang as decorations.

 String various sizes and colors of Styrofoam balls from the ceiling to look like colorful snowballs suspended in the air.  Add some crystals, sequins or glitter spray to make them stand out and look unique.

The winter wonderland decorating ideas are so easy to make work for your upcoming party, event or special class party.  Get the kids involved throughout to make it even more fun and less work.

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