Women in the Workplace and Leadership

Women in the workplace is a hot topic. One that demands attention and hours of debate.


When it comes to women in leadership roles, how many do you actually know first hand? If you’re stopping and really having to think about this…then you already know the answer to your question. While there are many women out there who are in leadership roles, the fact of the matter is that we just need more.


Women in the Workplace and Leadership


women in the workplace


Since when did it become the “norm” to have men be in the majority of leadership positions? Women are just as capable of handling issues, running companies and making executive decisions, just as any male leader does. But the truth of the matter is that there are far too few women in leadership roles.

And since this is a well-known fact, what can we actually do to change this and make a difference?

How do you encourage women in the workplace?


In order to get more women in leadership roles, there really does need to be more encouragement in the workplace. Many women feel that they aren’t even in the running for a leadership position just because of the lack of support of upper management.

This has to stop. When leadership is needed, the best person, male or female, needs to be considered for the job. Encouraging women to apply and showcase their skills is imperative in getting more women leaders.


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Here, it is also important to think about earning/wages. Women are still fighting the same fight that began so long ago….equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, the country has not caught up despite plenty of politically correct statements from politicians and leaders. Laws are in place, but perceptions are still skewed. While there is a lot of progress promoting equal salary with gender diversity these days,   there are still some things that we can do as women to help ensure we get a fair wage.

Here are some key tips to ensure fair salary:

Know what you are worth


The biggest reason that we make less as women is that many of us don’t know what we are worth. Having knowledge is the biggest key to making sure you are fairly compensated. If the median income for a position is 35k and you are making 32k, you should be asking someone why you are making less. You can’t do that if you don’t know what your job is worth.

Speak up when you are wronged


Being feeble and silent went out a very long time ago ladies. You have to gain a voice and use it with regularity when you are being taken advantage of. There are reasons why laws are on the books and it is up to you to enforce them. Know what your rights are and demand them when you have to. Nobody will hold that against you and if they do, they can be made to pay. There is nothing wrong with strength.

That said, step back from being a loudmouth. Some women (and men) simply complain and demand special treatment. That is not what is being discussed here. Demand fairness and stand up for what you know to be right. That is just being strong.

Help others to get equal pay as well


The best way we can change the way things are is to band together. Women trying to go it alone will not do. We need to look after one another, speak up for one another and get involved in things that affect our pay. It is no longer enough to simply look out for ourselves…we have to go further.

Take some risks


As a woman, it is very easy to get painted into a corner and limited. We even tend to do that to ourselves on occasion because it is what society is used to. We toil along in a job for months or even years and suddenly we have not advanced or gotten any raises. Time flies when you are working a regular job and it is easy to fade into the background. Commit to never being in the background.


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To ensure the best possible treatment for women in the workplace,  try your best to stay in front of your superior’s mind. When a promotion comes up, ask for consideration. When you know of no promotions, ask how you can best prepare for the next one. Never be stagnant and satisfied. Always be looking for a better deal and don’t be afraid to ask for consideration.

How do you promote change for women in leadership roles?


Coming back to the subject of leadership, the easiest way to get more women into leadership roles is to lift them up and don’t repeat the past. Encourage women to go for it and be behind them when they do. And if you happen to be the woman who needs to be lifted up, allows others to do the same for you.

You have what it takes to lead. You have what it takes to rise above and showcase your talents. And you have what it takes to be a female that other females look up to.


Women in Leadership and Why We Need More


There’s no doubt we need more female leaders. But even in saying that, we need more qualified female leaders. Those who can be a great role model for other women of the world and those who can lead by example and prove that women deserve every possible chance to be leaders, just like men.

If you’re thinking that you’re ready to show your leadership skills, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hold your head high and be true to who you are. The world is lacking female leaders and it’s time to make a change. Female leaders are smart, compassionate, understanding, intelligent, persuasive, decisive, persistent, calm, empathetic and business-savvy. Those characteristics combined make for a pretty compelling case as to why there need to be more women in leadership roles.


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And if you’re already in a role where you lead others, be the example to show other females that it’s possible to accomplish. Answer questions, pick them up, offer advice and give them the hope and motivation that someday, they can be exactly where you currently are.

Women have the power to rule the world, it’s just time that we all stand tall and make it happen.




With love, Vinma


Women in the Workplace and Leadership

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