Congratulations to you for taking Self-care seriously!

Now, you are not too far away from the bliss of healing and self-love which starts from, well, simply the awareness of it all. And the knowledge of how to begin that care you so DESERVE!

Following are the resources I have used in the past or created by myself with the goal of self-care in mind. Each and every one of it has worked for me one way or the other and I believe it might help you as well in your own personal journey.

Self-care is always a work in progress. It is a way of living one must learn to incorporate into their lifestyle. There will be ample opportunities to throw it out of the window. Trust me. We are not perfect. But the key is to recharge, get back to it,  and the will to make up for the lost time.  Been there done that. Hence, a work in progress.

Self care resources to begin your journey to wellness and self love

These resources I state here will be your guiding post when you lose sight of your “why”. When you stumble in the dark with no place to go. If I succeed in shining light on your tough times with what I have learned and continue to learn about self-care, I will be truly blessed!

Love and Light to all xoxo

1. A Tired Mom’s Guide to Self care – Author is Me!

2. 7 Self-Care Products Every Woman Must have – Blog post

3. Essential Oils– They are the BEST to lift your spirits up when you are in the rut. I am a user and I can say to you, it works.

4. Check Youtube for Abraham Hicks Talk Shows for finding your inner self.

5. Jonna JintonYoutuber– Jonna is someone I started watching in a time of personal crisis. I have to say she helped me navigate such a dark phase of my life. She is many things. A Swedish artist, creator, nature lover and whatever else you want to call her. Let her show you what she can do for YOU.

6. Book, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was a game-changer for me when it came to believing in me and my abilities.

7. A Gratitude Journal- Write every day. And don’t worry you have tons of things to be thankful for daily!

8. Self-care category on this blog. I assure you there is years’ worth of blog posts on there. Things I have picked up on, learned from mistakes, practical tips to set you up for success as you begin your self-care journey etc.  Worth a read!

9. Check out the self-care products I recommend at my Amazon shop

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11. Check out my Etsy store too for self care planners and printable.  You can check out my blog post announcement when I first opened up shop!

P.S: I will continue to add to this list. Remember, Self-care is a work in progress. So the resources need to be constantly updated as well 🙂

With Love, Vinma

***P.S: Some of the links in my Resources page are affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase through it with no additional cost to you, thank you***

Self Care Resources