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Here at MomLess Mom, we specialize in creating fun and engaging campaigns that are of interest to my readers while giving your brand the promotion it seeks.

Services we offer

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product Reviews
  • Gift Guides
  • Sponsored Social Shares / Twitter Parties
  • Freelance Writing (Topics include but are not limited to: Mom Care, Parenting, Finances/Budgeting, Relationships,  DIY, and Recipe development)
  • And More! – We are open to other opportunities, if you feel that we could work well together on a  project not listed here, we would love to discuss it with you and see how we can collaborate!

Special services offered exclusively to small business owners!

Interested to take your small business to next level online? Finding it hard to understand social media? I am your girl! With over 5 years of social media management and blogging under my belt, I just know how to transform your business venture from Meh! to AWESOME in the digiworld! Contact me today!

About MomLess Mom

MomLess Mom was founded in 2012. 12 years and counting! Like most of the Lifestyle blogs, it started as a journal. But down the road somewhere, the blog took a professional turn and I haven’t looked back since…The website and connected social media platforms reach women between the ages of 25-35 interested in mental wellness and self care. They are always looking for new ways to connect, share similar interests, talk family, work- life balance among other things.

Topics covered on MomLess Mom

  • Self care and Self love
  • Mental Wellness
  • Health
  • Food/recipes
  • Travel
    Product Reviews/Giveaways
    Local business/news
    Saving Money/Budgeting

Brand Partnership Work Samples

I work hard to make each sponsored campaign something beautiful that I can be proud of. This means creating engaging content that my readers will get excited about, while also advertising your brand to thousands of followers. Here are a few examples of work I have done for brands in the past.

Flu Prevention 101 – Loblaws

Shaping our Kids Future with Ontario Catholic School Teachers- Ontario English Catholic Teachers 

Netflix Canada

Enjoy Easy Busy Morning Breakfast with Hans Dairy– Hans Dairy

Shop Durable Clothing and Shoes from Sport Chek– Sport Chek Canada

You can also visit our Brand Partnerships area to see all partnerships and advertisements that we have done to date.

Facts and Figures

General Idea on Rates (Always contact us for quotes tailored to your needs)

Sponsored Posts

Begins at $700. (Varies upward depending on the word count and Sponsor’s other requirements such as social media exposure thrown into the program)

Side Bar Ads

125X125 $100/Month, 300X250 $250/Month (discounts offered for package deals)

Quotes on more sizes, contact us.


$350 for hosting stand alone giveaways. If product review is part of the deal and if that product is over $100, then the giveaway is free of cost.

Product Review

Reach out to us to see if your product is a good fit for MomLess Mom. If yes, we can talk more.

Social Media Promotion

Combined following of over 20,000 on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Please contact directly for tailored rates based on your social media amplification needs.

 Advertising of your Business

 MomLessMom likes to thank you for reaching out to us for your marketing needs .  Please be mindful that this blog is a place for family friendly topics and images. We are not interested in any offers for advertisements that are deterrent to this principle.  MomLessMom is also not the space to post spam ads or any theories or ideas that could entertain gender/race/sexual discrimination.